One of the world's largest gelatin and collagen producer

PB Leiner is one of the world's largest producer of gelatins and collagen peptides, and it has global presence in terms of both its plants and sales representatives. This global presence and the consistent distribution of expertise and knowledge over our organization ensure that there is always expertise in your area to support you in your work. In addition, we source our raw materials from across the world and can cater for all cultural and religious sensitivities.

PB Leiner offers a complete range of regular gelatins for pharma, photographic and food applications with production sites in Asia, Europe, North and South America. Our consistent quality and flexible approach is recognized throughout the world.

A history of pioneering

We can look back on more than 150 years of creating new uses for our raw materials, and we have been pioneers in areas such as food preparation, pharmaceutical and industrial applications, as well as qualities such as (cold) solubility and organoleptic neutrality.

It's not about us, or even our products - it's about you.

We never forget that our commercial success depends on your commercial success. And that achieving success is what ultimately matters. If it is your job to pursue opportunities in the changing markets around you, we see it as our job to inspire and assist you in doing so.

Therefore, we strongly believe that exploring gelatin applications is a good thing. However, exploring market opportunities is better. It is for this reason that we invest in market scanning to detect upcoming commercial and consumer trends, to stimulate you and to find a matching product or feature in our range to help you seize the moment. Our objective is to spot and exploit opportunities for you and to anticipate future trends.

We are here for you

Furthermore, the flexibility of our people and their eagerness to come up with a personalized answer to your development and production needs are the perfect complement to the versatility and endless possibilities our gelatins provide. Exploration starts with questions; our service starts with listening. Our people don't think or act like they have the answer before hearing your question. Instead, we listen first, define the right questions together and find the ideal answers together.

Our technical experts know all about gelatins; not only about the products themselves, but also how they behave under different conditions in your production processes. This is why we are keen for you to mail us right away with any questions or problems - and we will be swift to answer any such queries.

PB Leiner is part of Tessenderlo Group