​A sustainable solution for your animal feed and fertilizer challenges

The constantly growing world population has brought increasing pressure on the limited natural resources, such as mined rock phosphates. Estimates suggest that 9 billion people will inhabit the planet by 2050. Our thinking is that efficient efficient and sustainable agriculture is undoubtedly a good option for successfully addressing this issue!

Derived from animal bones, PB Dical 17 provides a range of solutions to animal feed and fertilizer sectors. As a natural and safe animal nutrient supplement, its production contributes to the sustainability of livestock production by recycling phosphorus and maximizing the value in the food chain.

Our PB Dical 17 is the perfect phosphorus source for complete feeds for monogastric animals. This microcrystalline dihydrated dicalcium phosphate contains 17% phosphorus (σ=0.2) and 22.5% calcium. It is a snow-white, free flowing fine powder that is a perfect source of phosphorus for feed.

As a fertilizer, PB Dical 17 transfers essential nutrients such as phosphorus and calcium into energy in order to increase the yield of crops. Furthermore, it compensates the soil for minerals that are continuously being washed away.

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