​Convenience & Flexibility

On the one hand, consumers continually expect more from their food solutions. They increasingly want their food to actively contribute to their health. Moreover, with globalization comes an increased awareness about the wild diversity of flavors that the world has to offer, and a willingness to explore and adventure. For instance, the number of food and beverage new product launches with an “ethnic" positioning has doubled since 2013.[1]

On the other hand, consumers feel that preparing meals should be easy and convenient, without the necessity of having to invest heavily in and constantly stock up on all kinds of exotic ingredients. Neither is this a straightforward combination for consumers nor for the brands offering them solutions.

Convenience is a key condition for success in consumer market products

Make it convenient, cost effective and tasty. While many consumers aspire to more healthful living, meeting this goal can prove quite challenging. Cost, taste and convenience are still very important in purchase decisions.[2]

3 in 5 ready meal product launches in China in 2017 featured a convenience claim.[3]

How can we help you seize the opportunity?

Gelatin is a classic cupboard ingredient. It has been used in kitchens all over the world for many, many years and it might therefore appear to be a curious solution to these contemporary trends. And yet, due to it being a multifunctional and versatile ingredient, it adapts itself wonderfully to all kinds of new dishes and serves as a perfect replacement for many more exotic products. In other words, it empowers brands, professionals and consumers with maximum freedom and cuts out the inconvenience and complexity of having to provide a wide range of alternatives.

Since CRYOGEL® and INSTAGEL® do not require heat to dissolve rapidly and are extremely easy to use, they also reduce the complexity of recipes and cooking itself. This may in turn lead to more cooking taking place and more cooking being done by more people.

INSTAGEL® in particular offers a unique convenience benefit as it represents the perfect replacement for classic gelatin leaves. Users are no longer bound to the traditional and rigid units of one leaf, but can instead experience much more freedom and flexibility to adapt their recipes to their specific tastes and needs.

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