​​Dicalcium phosphate

Dicalcium phosphate (DCP) is formed by a reactive combination of tricalcium phosphate and hydrochloric acid. DCP is also known as calcium monohydrogen phosphate and is widely used as a dietary additive and supplement of calcium and phosphorus for both human beings and animals.

Versatile organic animal feed and fertilizer solutions

Organic dicalcium phosphate is a natural product that is derived from the porcine and bovine bones of healthy animals that are fit for human consumption. As a natural and safe product, its production contributes to the sustainability of agriculture by recycling phosphorus from animal origin and maximizing value in the nature.

Thanks to its excellent digestibility and solubility, organic dicalcium phosphate is especially suitable for adjusting the phosphorus and calcium or magnesium content of the animal feeds. In the production of farm feeds or silage, it can be either incorporated in complete feeds or used as a mineral supplement.

Phosphate is one of the nutrients that are essential to the growth of plants. As an excellent source of phosphate and calcium, organic dicalcium phosphate can be directly used as a fertilizer or integrated into compound fertilizer formulations.​​