Health is an Identity

Buying oneself an identity to project towards or benchmark against others - or as it is often called "Keeping up with the Joneses" - has always been a basic driver behind many consumer choices. Products and brands have a long history of helping people construct a social identity.

However, in recent years, this Self-Branding trend has been pushed further by factors such as growing consumer affluence, which makes conspicuous consumption possible, by a drive towards indulgence through premium brands, as a result of the increasingly busy and stressful lives of consumers, and most of all, by the advent of social media. These factors provide both the platform to project a successful lifestyle and the social pressure to do so.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, young adults are the group driving this trend. However, arguably more surprising is the fact that it affects categories which are not traditionally seen as lifestyle accessories, such as following a specific diet. An example is the paleo diet, which is also known as “the caveman diet" and promotes the consumption of only those foods that were assumed to have been available to humans during the Paleolithic era. According to Innova Market insights there were no less than 785 new paleo product introductions in 2017. Furthermore, the ketogenic diet has been making a significant impact in 2018, having been endorsed by a number of celebrities on social media. This diet is based around the concept of losing weight by eating a high percentage of fat, followed by a reasonable amount of protein, while reducing carbohydrate intake.

Dieting? Everybody's doing  it!

No less than 36% of Americans aged between 18 and 80 are following some form of diet[1], with an even higher percentage applying to younger generations. This trend of diet-as-personal-branding shows no signs of fading quickly.

How can we help you seize the opportunity?

When it comes to diets, proteins lead the way. The Food and Health Survey quoted above found that protein was considered as the #1 go-to-nutrient for health issues such as more energy or cardiovascular health - well ahead of vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals.

More specifically, collagen plays a key role in the paleo diet (as it is increasingly seen as a critical ancient component that people have been omitting from modern eating habits) or the keto diet. Indeed, given that collagen does not contain carbohydrates and it provides the long satiety effect that dieters seek, it can be considered a keto diet super food.

SOLUGEL®'s excellent  solubility and its neutral odor and flavor are among the best on the market, and it will enable you to formulate appealing new products or healthy lifestyle versions of existing products. Moreover, as a pure protein made from natural sources, it contributes to your clean label formulations. This should appeal to image conscious consumers all over the world who are actively scanning product packaging for the word "natural" and avoiding products with long ingredient lists featuring chemicals, as well as E-number ingredients.

[1] The International Food Information Council's Food and Health Survey, 2018.