​​Multifunctional Gelatins

Classic gelatin leafs are time consuming and inflexible ingredients in food catering processes. We say: “move over, leafs". And “hello" to INSTAGEL® and CRYOGEL®, which are easier in terms of dosage and cooking for chefs all over the world. Furthermore, no heating is required and yet perfect results are always delivered. And some customers have explored new markets with products encouraging young children to take their first steps in the kitchen. This is because the cold solubility of INSTAGEL® makes it a uniquely convenient and safe product even for households with young children.

What could be more important than speed? Well, perhaps the ability to control speed. This is what CRYOGEL®  Slow Gelling empowers you to do. With a good dosage - which we can help you with - you can either speed up or slow down your production process as you see fit.

Starchless production is a new trend - and even a growing requirement - in production processes. SWIFTGEL® is what enables you to seize it.