Strict demands and transparency regarding sustainability and naturalness are the new norm. Consumers want products that are 100% clean, natural, and ethical. Gelatins are an integral part of the circular economy as they turn by-products from one industry into building blocks for countless others. Furthermore, our production process is 100% natural and our raw materials are gathered with maximum attention for animal welfare.

Traceability, accountability & transparency are an integral part of our product

They mean that you can keep developing without any worries.

Our regulatory services are amongst the best and fastest on the market: we know which documentation is needed at each step of the process and this is why we can proactively provide them. Furthermore, our active scanning of the regulatory developments throughout the world enables us to update you on an “as-it-happens" basis.

Our technical experts know all about gelatins. And this knowledge not only relates to the products themselves, but also how they behave under different conditions in your production processes. It is for this reason that we invite you to e-mail us right away with your questions or problems - and we'll be quick to reply.

Our objective is to spot and exploit opportunities for you and to anticipate future trends. To realize this, we must know and understand your business, products and processes. However, the reality is that it works best both ways. Insight into our products and processes might inspire you for a new product, feature or process. This is why we have an open door policy: all of our people are happy to share their insights. Because there is no better way to spark inspiration than via the meeting of two open minds.

The Clear Solution

Exploration starts with questions and our service starts with listening. Our people don’t think they have the answer before they have even heard your question. Instead, we listen first, define the right questions together and we then find the answers together.

Global presence – local knowledge

Our global footprint as a company and the even distribution of expertise and knowledge over our organization ensure that there is always knowledge in your area for you to work with. Simply call one of our technical experts to pass by and help you manage issues you might have in your production process.

Exploring market opportunities

Exploring gelatin and collagen applications is good; exploring market opportunities is better. We never forget that our products play an active role in helping you to achieve market success. This is why we invest in market scanning in order to detect upcoming commercial and consumer trends, to inspire you and to find a matching product or feature in our range to help you seize opportunities. Just call our business developers and we will set up an exploration of possible future products or collaborations.