​The Need for Speed

Many consumers consider both their personal and professional lives to be gaining speed with each passing day. Concepts such as same day or even one hour deliveries, instant gratification, or the 24/7 economy in general are driving up demands for speed at an ever increasing rate.

While this is not necessarily negative, it does drastically influence the behavior of consumers. Increasingly, consumers base their product selection in supermarkets on timesaving features with the aim of reducing stress and simplifying life. In particular, millennials aged 25 - 34 want timesaving products because they work long hours and/or have a long commute to work.[1]

All of this exerts greater pressure on brands and producers to come up with timesaving solutions. This is both the case for those targeting consumers at home, who do not have time to cook anymore, as well as those who work for restaurant goers, who expect things to go quicker as well, or professionals in the food catering business, who also feel the pressure of the clock. Speed of cooking will become extremely important - and as a major part of the cooking process, speed of cooling will be especially crucial.

Everyone needs it quicker!

Consumers at home do not have/take time to cook anymore - the average American household spends 110 minutes cooking every day, where this was 150 minutes in the 1960s. Young Boomers (aged 53 to 61 in 2017) view dinners that take less than ten minutes as extremely valuable[2]. But at restaurants as well, time is of the essence. Time-strapped diners value convenience and affordability more than ever and operators will respond by leveraging technology advances, all in the name of food—fast.[3]

How can we help you seize the opportunity?

In large scale cooking processes, every minute counts. Therefore, every extra minute gained by eliminating the need to heat and/or cool down represents a bonus in terms of efficiency and maximized output.

Both CRYOGEL® (for blends) and INSTAGEL® (for direct use) offer the exact same properties as traditional gelatin (texture, mouthfeel, whipping, melt-in-the-mouth sensation, etc.), but without the need for a heating and cooling down period. Indeed, the moment it comes into contact with a cold liquid, it dissolves immediately, thus substantially reducing the waiting period before consumption. Your customers (and their customers) will be grateful.

And that is without taking into account the energy savings!

[1] GlobalData's Q3 global survey, 2016; [2] "The Future of Dinners", NPD Group, 2018; [3] "Food Service Trends 2018", Mintel, US.