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Company description

PB Leiner is one of the world’s leading producers of high quality gelatins and collagen peptides. It has a global presence in terms of both its plants and sales representatives. PB Leiner’s objective is to recognize and explore opportunities for its customers and to anticipate future trends. In this regard, PB Leiner was the world’s first gelatin producer to market multifunctional gelatin products. PB Leiner supplies a continuously growing market in food, pharma, health nutrition and technical applications. PB Leiner has approximately 1,200 collaborators throughout the world and is part of Tessenderlo Group.



Job description

PB Leiner

Media Preparation Technician (Intern Position)

·Prepare sterile microbiological media needed for testing using an autoclave and/or hot plate according to directions.  Must know aseptic technique.  Media may be in the form of plates, bottles, or tubes – agar or broth.  Supply Micro Technician with a negative blank for each load and type of sterile media.

Clean, sterilize and dry sample bottles.  Must maintain an adequate supply of sterile sample bottles for finished product areas.

·Kill used media in the autoclave.  Clean bottles by hand or dishwasher.

·Record all data for autoclave in Lab Notebook.  Mandatory for media traceability.

·Manage sterile sample inventory – dump samples when cleared and wash/sterilize bottles.

·Clean and wash all containers used by Microbiology Technician and Process Technician

·Interact with Micro Technician for media planning vs. work load to maintain adequate levels of media.

·Maintain adequate inventory of all media (dried and prepared) – audit weekly to ascertain inventory level.

·Clean, calibrate, and maintain media equipment as needed and as assigned by Supervisor.  Autoclave filter must be cleaned daily or more often as needed.

·Assist with supplies inventory storage.

·Grind, process, and test raw materials (porcine skins) for supplier performance reports.

Other tasks as assigned by Supervisor or Coordinator.


  • A candidate with a Bachelor’s degree, or a degree in process for chemistry, biology, microbiology, food science or related field with applicable laboratory class work is preferred.
  • Strong time management  

  • Good math and computer skills

  • Good oral and written communication recommended.

  • Basic knowledge of laboratory skills such as; weighing, aseptic transfer, following SOPs, reporting results.



All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

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