It goes without saying that food has always given us building blocks for our bodies to grow and the energy to go about our daily business. However, over many centuries it has also always had social, cultural and even symbolic meanings. Our food habits represent a reflection of ourselves and our societies.

Therefore, as the world changes drastically, so too do our food habits. Increased speed and flexibility of living, finding and reassuring one's identity in a changing world, a growing sense of responsibility for our own health and happiness, an increasing consciousness about sustainability ... all of these societal megatrends are altering the food demands from consumers worldwide. Now, more than ever before, for many consumers, food is an identity – it is what they eat, it is who they are.

For consumers worldwide, food is becoming a matter of identity

As the European Food Trends Report 2017[1] stated: "Food is (...) a wellness experience and lifestyle, an orientation point in the formation of the identity of the modern self, a compass in the search for morality, and sometimes an ersatz religion. It is one of the hottest topics in the social media chatter of the smartphone society, an apex of the culture of fun."

This presents both huge opportunities and massive challenges for brands and producers in the food business. Doing things right can bring great successes. However, failing to do things right might lead to irrelevance in the eyes of today's demanding consumers. PB Leiner is committed to being your partner  in order to meet these challenges, and more importantly, help you explore and seize the opportunities.

Let's explore some of these trends together! 

[1] "European Food Trends Report. Food is Eating my Life: Why Food is Becoming the New Pop", 2017.