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The quest for clean, and even more importantly, all-natural labels is a very powerful force in today's food market. 23% of Chinese consumers and 21% of US consumers indicated that the claim "made with real ingredients" positively influences their purchasing behavior, while 54% of UK consumers and 50% of Australian consumers view a product as more natural if it contains fewer listed ingredients[1]. Furthermore, 62% of consumers worldwide rank the absence of undesirable ingredients higher than the presence of beneficial ones[2]. Major producers and brands such as Pepsi, Yoplait, Kraft, Nestlé, Subway, McDonalds and others have pledged to remove or replace synthetic colors, flavors and preservatives, and be more transparent regarding the information they share with their customers.

How can we help you seize the opportunity?

Thanks to its versatile multifunctionality, gelatin in itself can do the job of - and therefore replace - many ingredients that would otherwise just clog up your label. Moreover, not only is gelatin 100% natural, chemical-free and recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA to be a non-hazardous food or food ingredient, it is also perceived as such by consumers all over the world. And therefore accepted as a cupboard ingredient.

To further boost consumer acceptance worldwide, PB Leiner offers all its products in a halal or kosher version, and guarantees maximum traceability and transparency.

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