Beauty is an Activity

Definitions of beauty have always changed over time and over cultures. And today, increasingly, good looks are seen as being the result of individual effort and as coming "from within". Indeed, the new beauty is more than literally just skin deep, as it is seen as being the reflection of a healthy lifestyle, both in terms of physical activity and healthy nutrition.

56% of consumers around the world are convinced that their appearance is based, at least partly, on their diet. 45% of consumers around the world prefer to use food as a way of improving their beauty, according to a consumer survey carried out by GlobalData in 2017. This means there are big changes occurring in the beauty market and collagen peptides can help you transform them into successes.

SOLUGEL® is collagen at its best

SOLUGEL® is composed of high quality collagen peptides obtained from natural animal sources. By breaking down proteins into smaller peptides, SOLUGEL® can be easily absorbed by the human body. Indeed, just 15 minutes after ingestion, it can already be detected in the blood.

How can we help you seize the opportunity?

Not only is collagen an effective way of improving skin health from within, it is also considered as such by consumers worldwide. This fact lends credibility to any beauty claim that brands with collagen would want to make. Indeed, when asked which ingredients they would consider as effective in a beauty/grooming product, consumers across the globe gave collagen excellent feedback behind only ingredients such as vitamin C, oxygen and essential oils.[1]

A recent placebo-controlled double-blind clinical study carried out in France over a period of 56 days proved the positive effects of the oral intake of 10 g SOLUGEL® collagen peptides. We saw a significant improvement of 14% in skin hydration on the facial cheeks of the group that took SOLUGEL®. In addition, the skin firmness and net elasticity also improved by 11% and 17% respectively, while the placebo group showed a decrease in skin firmness performance.

[1] Global Data Consumer Surve, 2017.