The pharmaceutical industry of tomorrow: Disruption on the horizon

The pharmaceutical industry is widely expected to undergo drastic changes in the coming years and decades, as a result of demographic, scientific, economical and technological developments of which we are already starting to see the contours.

Some of these changes are likely to drastically affect the ways in which APIs are administered to patients, and therefore, the role that capsules can play in tomorrow's medication. Other changes more broadly impact the contribution of gelatin-based products to the healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry in general.

How can PB Leiner help you prepare to seize the opportunities in these disruptive changes?

Facing these disruptive changes, one cannot be anything other than humble: nobody can claim to know the entire future, or to have all the answers. Moreover, change is often difficult and cumbersome, with many setbacks and disappointments before success is realized.

Therefore, PB Leiner does not harbor the illusion of acting like it knows what the future wild hold. However, we do have the firm ambition to help create that very future. Indeed, increasing our presence in the pharmaceutical industry through active engagement and co-creation of relevant answers with our customers is one of our top priorities as a company. This is why lately we have reinforced both our technical and R&D resources.

We have an open and inquisitive attitude, and are very willing to cooperate. So let's meet and see how we can drive our relationship beyond the commercial realm and into exploring, inventing and developing a common future that is full of opportunities.