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Dicalcium phosphate: versatile organic animal feed and fertilizer solutions


Organic dicalcium phosphate (DCP), also known as calcium monohydrogen phosphate, is a natural product that is derived from the bovine bones of healthy animals that are fit for human consumption. As a natural and safe product, its production contributes to the sustainability of agriculture by recycling phosphorus from animal origin and maximizing value in the nature. Moreover, our DCP of bovine origin is now also deliverable with halal certification.

Thanks to its excellent digestibility and solubility, organic dicalcium phosphate is especially suitable for adjusting the phosphorus and calcium or magnesium content of the animal feeds. In the production of farm feeds or silage, it can be either incorporated in complete feeds or used as a mineral supplement. Phosphate is one of the nutrients that are essential to the growth of plants. As an excellent source of phosphate and calcium, organic dicalcium phosphate can be directly used as a fertilizer or integrated into compound fertilizer formulations.

Production process: a pioneer in high quality organic phosphate PB Leiner's animal phosphate is manufactured in Belgium and China using a proven process that yields a very pure dehydrate and microcrystalline dicalcium phosphate. In the first step, tricalcium phosphate is dissolved from degreased animal bones with hydrochloric acid (HCl), which results in the formation of a monocalcium phosphate solution. In the next step, the dehydrated dicalcium phosphate crystals are precipitated by adding lime milk (Ca(OH)2). After dewatering, the dicalcium phosphate is then dried up to final specifications.

This gradual production process is beneficial for animal feed and fertilizer applications:

  • Drying at a low temperature avoids the formation of biologically unavailable metha-phosphates and/or pyro-phosphates and results in a high quality digestible product
  • As a crystallization process it ensures a very predictable and stable composition as well as a high purity of end products that is virtually free of any undesirable substances
  • The hydrated crystalline structure is recognized as being nutritionally beneficial
  • The drying process guarantees a very fine and high quality free flowing product

Our product PB Dical 17 provides a range of solutions to animal feed and fertilizer sectors. It is also used for technical application in the construction sector. ​​This microcrystalline dehydrated dicalcium phosphate contains 17% phosphorus (σ=0.2) and 22.5% calcium. It is a snow-white, free flowing fine powder that is a perfect source of phosphorus for feed. As a fertilizer, PB Dical 17 transfers essential nutrients such as phosphorus and calcium into energy in order to increase the yield of crops. Furthermore, it compensates the soil for minerals that are continuously being washed away.

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