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Pharmaceutical Gelatins


What good is it developing powerful medicines if patients won't take them? Studies have shown that patients throughout the world find capsules easier to swallow than many other formats. And it is for this reason that our line of pharmaceutical gelatins makes it even easier by giving capsules a smoother texture and enhanced swallowability. On top of this, we also ensure high bioavailability and biocompatibility.

Standardization and stability of your products and production processes are important, not just in terms of reliability but also for efficiency reasons. Having to reset your processes for different active ingredients is therefore a burden. However, we are pleased to say that we have developed a series of pharmaceutical gelatins that offer capsule stability or which can withstand one of the most complicated active ingredients.


Flexibility is also important. We have developed gelatins that maintain their viscosity for longer periods, which allows you to play with the timings and planning of your capsule process without compromising the quality and reliability of the end product.

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