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Claro delivers advanced gelatins for tissue engineering

ClaroTM originated in 2018 following an innovative idea developed between PB Leiner (part of Tessenderlo Group) – a leading global manufacturer of high-quality gelatins and collagen peptides – and Tessenderlo Group’s Innovation Center. PB Leiner’s expertise in gelatins ignited the breakthrough in materials for bioprinting applications: gelatin with outstanding printability in extrusion-based bioprinting. Claro was incubated at the Tessenderlo Innovation Center and supported by a cross-functional team of scientists with backgrounds in organic chemistry, biochemistry, bioengineering, and chemical engineering, as well as over 30 years of activity in the pharma segment (developing and producing active pharmaceutical ingredients). Our research and innovations count on upscaling expertise, a readily available pilot plant covering 8,100 m² (which is one of the largest in Belgium), and a dedicated electromechanical team that can design and build customized installations.

Bioprintable gels (BG) product line

ClaroTM and FELIX BIOprinters ensure successful bioprinting with GelMA

Claro has joined forces with FELIXprinters to expand the commercialization of its BG product line developed for extrusion-based bioprinters. Claro will directly attend to the growing demand for printable gels by FELIXprinters.  Claro is the world’s only developer of gelatin featuring tailored behavior for extrusion-based bioprinting. It can also be offered in a functionalized form. This powerful combination of material and printing technology will ensure bioprinting without interruptions and no nozzle blockage that is usually observed when printing with regular gelatin-based bioinks.

Bioprint complex hydrogel structures within seconds with Claro and Readily3D

Claro will directly attend to the growing demand for bioprinting complex hydrogel structures within seconds by using the volumetric printing technology patented by Readily3D. The powerful combination of the material science expertise provided by Claro and Readily3D’s technology will ensure reliable and efficient printing performance. Claro and Readily3D have come together to support researchers in achieving breakthroughs in tissue engineering providing the right material and technology for tissue modelling in applications ranging from cell studies to drug discovery and organ printing. 

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Latest news

  • Claro is a brand of Tessenderlo Group that helps researchers in the field of tissue engineering

    Claro joins forces with Regemat 3D

    Claro has now joined forces with Regemat 3D (a biotech company pioneer in the design and development of customized 3D bioprinters and bioreactors for research in the regenerative medicine field), which will now distribute Claro’s BG800 that was developed for extrusion-based bioprinters.

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    Claro acknowledges that bioprinting will help periodontal therapy advance

    Periodontal (gum) disease: an annual cost estimated at 79 billion euros in Europe Periodontal (gum) disease is extremely common. Severe periodontal diseases are found in 5–20% of middle-aged (35–44 years) adults in Europe, and up to 40% of older people (65–74 years). Diseases of the mouth are an expensive burden to health care services.

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    GelMA by Claro: great potential to build 3D models that mimic real tumors

    The need for innovative 3D cancer models to enhance drug-testing process The National Cancer Institute defines cancer as “a term for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and can invade nearby tissues. Cancer cells can also spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems.” [1]. Metastases are the primary...

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