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SOLUGEL® - the natural solution for your health

PB Leiner’s SOLUGEL® is composed of high-quality collagen peptides obtained from natural animal sources. By breaking down proteins enzymatically into smaller peptides, bioactive SOLUGEL® is obtained and can be easily absorbed by the human body. As a highly digestible pure protein free of sugar, fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates with a range of potential health benefits, SOLUGEL® is the clear ingredient choice for food and beverage products and supplements.​

Premium ingredient & application support for your risk-free formulations

As perfectly soluble, neutral in taste and flavor, SOLUGEL® collagen peptides can be easily incorporated in a wide range of applications while bringing many health and functional benefits. In addition to supplying premium quality collagen peptides, our team can support you in developing end-products tailored to your consumer markets.

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SOLUGEL® whitepapers

We are excited to share our market, technical, and scientific expertise with you. Download our whitepapers!

  • SOLUGEL download whitepaper collagen here to stay
    Is collagen here to stay?

    Collagen consumer popularity is at an all-time high – but for how long? How well is collagen accepted in your region compared to other well-known health ingredients? What are the key factors for the success of health ingredients and how is collagen ranked?


  • SOLUGEL whitepaper collagen beverages
    Develop trendy collagen beverages

    In many Asian countries, such as Japan, collagen-enriched beverages have been used for many years. In the past several years, the trend has spread to Europe, Latin and North America. Looking to tap into this growing market?


  • SOLUGEL whitepaper sports formulations
    Empower your sports formulations with collagen

    The sports nutrition sector keeps expanding and collagen is increasingly popular in this market due to its benefits for bone and joint health and muscle recovery. Looking to develop sports formulations with collagen?



The numerous health benefits of SOLUGEL® peptides

Collagen health benefits

Oral intake of SOLUGEL® collagen peptides may provide numerous health benefits. With the right dosage spread over time, SOLUGEL® collagen peptides may contribute to the healthy functioning of your body, including muscle recovery​,​ and bone and joint health. Moreover, SOLUGEL®’s benefits have been clinically proven: with its long-lasting satiety effects​, SOLUGEL® is an ideal protein source to support weight management diets, while significantly improving skin’s elasticity, firmness and hydration after only 56 days of intake.​​

Focus on clinical studies

Joint health in middle-aged active adults
Joint health

Joint pain is an issue that affects vast numbers of people around the world. Research shows that 93% of those aged between 45 and 59 globally have concerns about joint and muscle pain, with two-thirds saying it has a moderate to severe impact on their health.1 This can cause significant discomfort during exercise and can even limit the ability to carry out everyday activities. As collagen can help the body to repair connective tissue, PB Leiner commissioned FSU to carry out a study exploring whether SOLUGEL® collagen peptides could reduce joint pain among physically active middle-aged adults.

1 Euromonitor Global Health & Wellness Survey 2021

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SOLUGEL® product range

PB Leiner’s bioactive SOLUGEL® collagen peptides are available with different functional properties and can be based on different animal sources, which include halal, kosher, pasture-raised, and certified grass-fed products. We will ​be also offering you marine collagen soon, stay tuned!


Premium product offering

The SOLUGE​L® Dissolution Series​ features products with neutral flavor and taste, as well as excellent dissolution. The series cover some of the most premium products of PB Leiner such as SOLUGEL® Ultra BD. ​These products are ideal for “instant” applications such as straight repack collagen, collagen jars, sachets, protein shakes and smoothies.

SOLUGEL® bone collagen is the latest addition to SOLUGEL® portfolio to help you grasp the growing consumer interest in bone collagen and its wide range of health benefits. Thanks to its premium quality, our bone collagen can be incorporated in many different applications.

SOLUGEL® Dynamica in bars

SOLUGEL® Dynamica​ is your ideal solution for technically challenging applications such as functional bars. With SOLUGEL® Dynamica, you can balance the nutrition, flavor, performance, and texture of your premium collagen end products whilst delivering a wide range of health benefits to your consumers.

SOLUGEL® Dynamica in beverages

SOLUGEL® Dynamica​ is your ideal solution for technically challenging applications such as functional beverages. With SOLUGEL® Dynamica, you can balance the nutrition, flavor, performance, and texture of your premium collagen end products whilst delivering a wide range of health benefits to your consumers.

Certified SOLUGEL® grass-fed collagen peptides

​​Certified SOLUGEL® grass-fed collagen peptides are our solution for pure and sustainably sourced collagen peptides. The cattle are raised outdoors, spending 100% of their lifetime on grass and pasture, and they are free from hormones, antibiotics, and anabolic steroids. The raw material sourcing and process of production to obtain grass-fed SOLUGEL® product are certified by LIAF Control SRL., a member of American Grassfed Association.

Standard portfolio

​The SOLUGEL® standard product portfolio includes bovine and porcine raw material and is available in agglomerated and fine powder:​

  • Bovine agglomerated​
  • Bovine fine powder
  • Porcine fine powder

In addition to SOLUGEL® premium and standard portfolio,​ PB Leiner is able to develop products tailored to your specific applications.


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1. What are SOLUGEL® collagen peptides?

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Collagen peptides, which are also known as collagen hydrolysate or hydrolyzed collagen, are a highly digestible protein obtained through the enzymatic treatment of collagen rich materials.
Sourced from the highest quality raw materials, the bioactive SOLUGEL® collagen peptides are produced from a strictly controlled process that uses a unique biotechnology which results in consistently premium quality.

2. What is collagen?

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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and it accounts for over 30% of the body’s protein. As the key building blocks that provide support and structure to our bodies, collagen is present in all connective tissues such as skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. As the structural framework of the body, collagen plays a crucial role in terms of supporting and connecting everything together.

3. What is the difference between gelatin and collagen peptides?

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Gelatin and collagen peptides are both natural products that are extracted from collagen-rich materials. While gelatin is an ingredient that is typically used as a gelling agent, emulsifier, stabilizer or water binding agent for confectionery, dairy, desserts and pharmaceutical applications, collagen peptides are predominately consumed for the nutritional value and health benefits, as well as easy integration in food and beverages.​

4. How is SOLUGEL® absorbed by the human body?

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Collagen peptides are further hydrolyzed into smaller peptides or even free amino acids along the human digestive tract. They can also easily be absorbed in the intestine. Tests have proven that they reach the blood stream within 15 minutes and are available to exert different functions in target tissues. The presence of peptides reached a maximum level after 1-2 hours and then decreased to one-half of the maximum level 4 hours after the ingestion.

5. Are SOLUGEL® collagen peptides protein?

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SOLUGEL® collagen peptides are pure proteins. This natural ingredient is free from gluten, sugar, fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates, artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. It does not contain any additives and preservatives.

6. Can I combine SOLUGEL® collagen peptides and other proteins such as whey?

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Thanks to the neutral flavor and smell, as well as the excellent dissolution properties, SOLUGEL® can easily be combined with other proteins for your healthy and balanced diets or formulation needs. In fact, you will appreciate the synergy between different proteins to help you realize your sport and fitness goals. For example, a shake containing a blend of collagen and whey protein is ideal for pre and post workout for muscle building and tissue protection.

7. What are the health benefits associated with collagen peptides?

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Several clinical studies have proven the positive health benefits of collagen peptides in relation to the skin, bones, joints, weight management and sports performance.

8. What is the recommended daily dosage?

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The recommended daily dosage ranges from 5-15g a day depending on the desired health benefits, and the duration of intake may also vary. Contact us for an overview of recommended dosage and duration of oral intake of collagen peptides.

9. What is the production process of SOLUGEL® collagen peptides?

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SOLUGEL® collagen peptides are extracted from collagen rich raw materials by a strictly controlled process that involves enzymatic treatment, extraction, drying, etc. The state-of-art-technology we use guarantees premium quality products.

10. Are there also kosher or halal SOLUGEL® collagen peptides?

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Yes, we are able to supply kosher and halal SOLUGEL®.