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TEXTURA™ gelatin powder: a 100% natural texturizer

TEXTURA™ is a range of 100% natural texturizers designed for the food and beverage market, as well as the animal nutrition industries. 

TEXTURA™ supports food manufacturers worldwide in perfecting the texture of their products, catering to the desires of their customers and maximizing their business potential. Our gelatin solutions are meticulously crafted to enhance the structure, stability, and overall appeal of a wide variety of food products. 

TEXTURA™ products are sourced from premium bovine and porcine materials, ensuring high-quality standards in the productions process.

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Why TEXTURA™ is the perfect fit

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  • Excellent compatibility & synergy with other functional ingredients for enhanced product performance.
  • Preservation of the nutrients (such as vitamins) and aroma.
  • Broad temperature range, allowing for easy formulation with heat-sensitive ingredients.
  • Neutral sensory qualities: odorless and tasteless
  • Healthy formulations and specific dietary needs: sugar-free, fat-free, gluten-free, egg-free, and free from cholesterol, carbohydrates and lactose. 
  • No additives, no flavorings and no preservatives.
  • Emerging innovations: 3D printing, functional food...

Endless texturizing possibilities

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What makes gelatin stand out?

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1. Clean-label integrity

Gelatin is a pure protein-based hydrocolloid that contains 8 out of the 9 essential amino acids​.

2. Highly versatile & multifunctional 

Gelatin can be used for texturizing, gelling, thickening, aerating, jellifying and stabilizing, as an adhesive, or for its foaming, coating and emulsifying properties. 

3. Thermoreversible gel formation

Versatile applications, from creating firm gels to delicate textures.

4. Body temperature melting

Gelatin melts at body temperature, offering an exceptional mouthfeel and excellent flavor release. 

5. Nutritional superiority

As a pure protein, gelatin meets the rising demand for healthier and more functional food ingredients. 

6. GRAS 

  • Safe and healthy ingredient
  • 2000 years old ingredient, the most commonly used of all hydrocolloids
  • Non-allergenic and highly digestible 

7. Sustainable sourcing 

Gelatin, derived from upcycled animal by-products, reduces waste, enhances the industry, and supports a sustainable circular economy.



What is the difference between gelatin and other hydrocolloids?

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No other hydrocolloid is as multifunctional as gelatin. Discover the benefits: 


Which raw materials are used in gelatin production?

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Gelatin is derived through the hot water extraction process from collagen-rich materials obtained from pig and beef. This process allows us to repurpose a raw material that might otherwise have been discarded. For the production of gelatin, we source raw materials from healthy animals that are slaughtered in registered slaughterhouses and deemed suitable for human consumption following thorough ante- and post-mortem inspections conducted by official veterinary officers.

We ensure that bovine specified risk material, as outlined in Regulation (EC) 999/2001 and in US FDA 21 CFR Sec. 189.5 regarding Prohibited Cattle Materials, is not utilized in gelatin production.

Is TEXTURA™​ gelatin halal and kosher suitable?

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Yes. As PB Leiner is an experienced halal and kosher gelatin manufacturer, TEXTURA™ gelatin meet the requirements for both certifications.

Is TEXTURA™ gelatin delivered around the world?

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PB Leiner is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality gelatins and collagen peptides solutions. Our gelatin production and hydrolyzed collagen manufacturing plants are located on four continents, with technical and sales support spanning the globe. 

What are the differences between bovine and porcine gelatin?

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The production of bovine and porcine gelatin involves different treatments due to the varying compositions of the raw materials used. As a result, they exhibit different physicochemical properties, leading to variations in end applications, including aeration, texture, stability, and appearance. Therefore, bovine and porcine gelatins cannot always be interchangeable depending on the application.

Please feel free to reach out to our applications experts for further information.

What is the expiry date of gelatin, and how should it be stored?

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Gelatin has a shelf life of 5 years when stored under dry and ambient conditions in the original packaging and in an odor-free environment.

At what temperature should TEXTURA™​ gelatin be dissolved?

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TEXTURA™ regular gelatin is typically hydrated in water (soaking) and heated to 60°C or directly added to warm liquids at 70-80°C for optimal dissolution. TEXTURA™ Tempo cold-soluble gelatin can be easily dissolved in liquids at temperatures ≥ 15°C, depending on the recipe, equipment, and desired functionality. Pre-blending with other fine powders, applying sufficient shear and ensuring adequate setting are also required for optimal results.