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SOLUGEL® Dynamica in bars

Previously, protein bars were mainly consumed by athletes as a go-to solution for elevating performance and endurance as well as rebuilding muscle after a workout, thanks to the high level of high-quality proteins. Today, a new range of consumers - referred to as casual & lifestyle users – have discovered the benefits of protein bars.

Consequently, as the consumer profile continues to widen, there is an increased need for innovation to discover new ingredients, improve the quality of the bars, and ensure a broader product range.


SOLUGEL® Dynamica, our collagen protein ingredient for a high (>20%) protein bar with a balanced texture, nice flavor and appealing appearance

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When formulating bars with a (very) high protein  content, manufacturers and brands face many challenges. The bars can be too hard and become even harder during shelf life. Some protein sources may lead to bitterness or the flavor disappearing over time.

To overcome these challenges, PB Leiner developed SOLUGEL® Dynamica, which is the clear collagen solution for protein bar applications. When using SOLUGEL® Dynamica in protein bar formulations, a protein content of 50% can be realized while ensuring a good flavor and appearance, and maintaining a soft texture throughout the shelf life.

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SOLUGEL® Dynamica: key benefits

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As a perfect ingredient for high protein bar formulations, SOLUGEL® Dynamica helps to achieve high protein concentrations while ensuring excellent bar quality. In addition, it helps to keep the bar soft, maintaining good color and flavor during shelf life.

Thanks to its production process that involves maximizing performance in bars, strictly controlled parameters, and consistent premium quality, SOLUGEL® Dynamica is specifically suitable for protein bar applications.

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