Clarified - what we do to support the fight against deforestation

Our planet needs forests like it needs oxygen. That is why, at PB Leiner, we actively support the fight against deforestation.

PB Leiner produces gelatin and collagen peptides from, amongst others, bovine hides and bones that are left over from the meat industry. In that sense, gelatin and collagen peptides production is effectively making the most of materials that might otherwise have been discarded, and does not encourage the raising of more animals. However, when it comes to deforestation, cattle ranching is considered as one of the main drivers for clearance of natural ecosystems in Latin America. So, even if no cow has ever been raised to make gelatin or collagen, we regard it as our duty to source responsibly.

Because we are not only concerned about the protection of forests, but also about respect of human rights, and the environment in general, we are constantly improving supply chain traceability and general transparency of the raw materials sourcing. We are actively working with our stakeholders -which are mainly slaughterhouses and tanneries - in Latin America in order to guarantee deforestation free gelatin/collagen peptides. We request from them the no-deforestation declaration and raw material traceability. Additionally, as part of Tessenderlo Group, our supplier code of conduct imposes to our business partners the protection of the environment and the respect of the indigenous people and local communities.


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