PB LIVE @ SupplySide West - Collagen is here to stay! What's next?

event.start: 02/11/2022 - 06:30 (PDT)

event.end: 02/11/2022 - 06:50 (PDT)

Las Vegas, NV
Estados Unidos

A deep dive into the future of the collagen market: how to catch the waves and keep ahead

Yingying Wu
Wednesday November 2, 02:30 - 02:50 PM  Pacific Time

The market for collagen peptides is growing at an incredible speed. Research shows that collagen’s life cycle is still in its early growth phase. With vast untapped potential to expand, sales are a long way from their peak. 

However, brands are facing new challenges. Consumer demand is becoming more sophisticated. Global supply chains are fragile. Qualitative offers are more difficult to secure. 

PB Leiner, one of the world’s leading collagen and gelatin producers, will share insights and explain the key drivers behind this booming market, revealing the landscape of collagen ingredients and the scope for innovative solutions for the American market. 

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