TEXTURA™ powder gelatin in meat and ready meals

TEXTURA™ is a game-changer in the meat industry, elevating meat applications to new heights of quality and excellence. From enhancing ready-made meals to perfecting delicacies like pâtés, its binding, emulsifying, stabilizing, and gelling properties make it an ideal ingredient for a wide range of meat, fish, and aspic products.

The binding, emulsifying, stabilizing, and gelling properties of TEXTURA™ gelatin make it an ideal ingredient for the following applications.

PB Leiner pate terrine

Cooked pressed ham
TEXTURA™ acts as a binding agent, imparting a delightful texture and enhancing the protein content. Experience meats that not only hold together seamlessly but also offer a succulent and appealing bite.

Meat emulsions
TEXTURA™ contributes to stability and texture enhancement. Enjoy the creamy and consistent quality of meat emulsions with the magic touch of TEXTURA™.

Restructured meat
With its binding properties, TEXTURA™ enhances overall texture and boasts improved juiciness and succulence.

Canned meat products and jellied meats
From gel aspics to glazed and canned meats, the main function of TEXTURA™ is to absorb meat juices, providing form and structure to products that would otherwise fall apart.

Appetizing pâtés
TEXTURA™ ensures that pâtés look appetizing, maintaining their structure and visual appeal. A coating of gelatin also prevents from drying out, ensuring a delightful and moist eating experience.

Ready meals 
With its natural gelling and water-binding properties, gelatin elevates flavor, enhances texture and extends the shelf life. From hearty gravies and sauces to refreshing salads with high water content, gelatin makes them delicious and visually appealing. Moreover, gelatin's remarkable ability to bind ingredients together ensures uniformity and stability in meal formulations.