TEXTURA™ powder gelatin for bakery and pastry

From enhancing texture and extending shelf life to moisture retention, TEXTURA™ is the key ingredient for creating bakery and pastry delights that leave a lasting impression. 

Pie with cream and red fruit

Mirror glaze
Integrate TEXTURA™ for superior gelling and stabilizing properties. Elevate the visual appeal of your creations with the brilliance that TEXTURA™ brings to your pastry.

Egg-free sponge cake and muffins
TEXTURA™ ensures perfect texture and prolonged freshness in sponge cakes and muffins. Its stabilizing properties guarantee a uniform, high-quality finished product that remains moist and delectable for an extended duration, offering an unmatched sensory experience.

Cream and fruit fillings 
Gelatin plays a crucial role as a stabilizer in cream and fruit fillings, ensuring optimal texture and consistency. TEXTURA™ offers healthier alternatives without compromising on taste. 

Fondant creations
Effortlessly sculpt and shape fondant with TEXTURA™ for your cake decorations. But there is more! In response to the growing demand for healthier alternatives, TEXTURA™ allows you to create sugar-free fondant

Gluten-free bakery innovation
TEXTURA™ is a game-changer that ensures superior texture, moisture retention, and extended shelf life in gluten-free bakery products, addressing dietary restrictions while maintaining exceptional taste and quality.