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Health & Nutrition

Our high-quality collagen peptides are an active health-promoting ingredient. These pure proteins (bovine - porcine - fish collagen) are a sought-after ingredient in beauty applications, sports nutrition, food supplements, and patient recovery foods.

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Pharma & Bioscience

Our high quality, certified, and virtually non-allergenic gelatin formulations are an enabler for pharmaceutical products and applications.

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Food Solutions

Our tailor-made gelatin products provide a clean label and multifunctional solution to the ​most diverse food preparations in the FMCG and food service sectors.

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Pet food, feed, & fertilizers

The lipids, proteins, and minerals we manufacture are an essential building block of animal and plant nutrition.

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Technical Applications

Our gelatin formulations are used in a wide range of technical applications: photographic films, electro plating, coatings etc.

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About us

PB Leiner, originating from the fusion of PB Gelatins and Leiner Davis gelatin, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality gelatins and collagen peptides solutions. Our gelatin production and hydrolized collagen manufacturing plants are located on four continents, with technical and sales support spanning the globe. We count approximately 1,2​00 collaborators worldwide. 

PB Leiner is part of Tessenderlo Group 

Gelatin & Collagen Solutions Group 14

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Group 13
PB Leiner is a high-quality collagen peptides manufacturer. PB Leiner’s SOLUGEL® hydrolized collagen is available as collagen powder and agglomerate. The collagen production range includes porcine collagen, bovine collagen, and fish collagen peptides. As a highly digestible pure protein free of sugar, fat, cholesterol, and carbohydrates, SOLUGEL® offers many potential health benefits, such as joint health, healthy ageing, muscle recovery, and skin beauty. 
Discover our SOLUGEL® collagen peptides range 

gelworx™ pharmaceutical gelatin

Group 13
PB Leiner’s pharmaceutical gelatin is a sought-after ingredient for various healthcare applications. Besides tailor-made pharma-grade gelatin, the gelwoRx range offers several specialties for soft  capsule manufacturing. 
Discover our gelwoRx™ pharma-grade gelatins 

TEXTURA™ food gelatin

Group 13
PB Leiner is a food gelatin manufacturer, and TEXTURA™ is our range of texturizing solutions for the food, confectionary, and bakery industries. TEXTURA Tempo is the ideal solution for creating premixes for baked goods, pastries, desserts & more, and is available as bovine gelatin and porcine gelatin.
Discover our TEXTURA™ food gelatins 

Lipids, proteins, and minerals

Group 13
We offer a broad selection of functional ingredients, suitable for a variety of applications. Our portfolio includes solutions for pet food production, animal feed manufacturing, cattle feed manufacturers, and mineral fertilizers. In addition, our ingredients can be used for technical applications such as fireproofing, sound insulation, oleochemistry, and biofuel.  
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Claro™ bioprinting ink

Group 13
Claro is a revolutionary bio-ink for 3D tissue engineering. 
The proprietary technology enables printing with lower pressure and excellent shape fidelity, without affecting the bio-compatibility and final gel strength of the construct.  Claro boasts best-in-class reliability and batch-to-batch consistency. This makes it the perfect material for 3D printing tissue engineering applications. 
Discover the Claro bio-ink range 

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Our support services

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Group 13

Our team at PB Leiner, previously PB Gelatins, will actively advise you on how to optimally integrate our ingredients into your production processes. If you have any questions or issues with regard to collagen peptides manufacturing integration, or gelatine production compatibility, email us right away and we will be quick to reply to you. 


Application support

Group 13

Our team knows all about the behavior of our gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen ingredients in different circumstances; we will assist you in refining your formulations so as to create the optimum effect. 


Group 13

The application potential of collagen peptides and gelatin is endless, and reaches far beyond texturizing, adhesive, clarifying, or absorbing properties. If you are looking for a solution and are not sure where to start, call on our R&D experts. 

Regulatory support

Group 13

With food and pharmaceutical standards becoming ever more complex and consumers having a clear voice of their own, sound regulatory support is no luxury. Our regulatory services are amongst the best and fastest on the market: we know which documentation is needed at each step of the process and can proactively provide it. Furthermore, our active scanning of the regulatory developments throughout the world enables us to update you on an “as-it-happens" basis.  

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