gelwoRx™: functional bio-compatibility

Gelatin is a consumable form of collagen, which is the body’s own primary protein in connective tissue, skin, and bones. Gelatin is among the most widely used ingredients in pharmaceutical and medical applications, and with good reason: gelatin is almost universally tolerated, it displays very useful elasticity and clarity features, it melts at body temperature, and it is thermoreversible. 

All of PB Leiner's pharmaceutical gelatin solutions find their place in the gelwoRx product family. Our gelatin makes for a wide range of applications, from soft capsule manufacturing and hard capsule gelatin, to tablets and wound care. Above all, our intention is to offer functional solutions. With our tailored pharmaceutical grade gelatin, we aim to solve the current challenges the industry faces. 

gelwoRx™ Dsolve: advanced solutions for reduced crosslinking and fast dissolution in soft caps

The gelwoRx™ Dsolve product range has been specially designed to provide advanced solutions for reduced crosslinking and fast dissolution of soft caps gelatin.  

Crosslinking is a natural phenomenon in gelatin, by which gelatin molecules link together and dissolve more slowly due to circumstances such as humidity or storage temperature, or the chemical properties of a capsule’s filling. 

Dsolve significantly reduces the soft caps’ crosslinking behavior and boasts superior dissolution performance compared to the gold standard in soft caps gelatin. Moreover, it guarantees a rapid filling release, improved stability, and increased shelf life of the final dosage formulations.  

gelwoRx™ Dsolve portfolio

gelworx dsolve 4 capsules in a row

Dsolve (bovine bone gelatin), Dsolve P (pig skin gelatin) and Dsolve B (beef hide gelatin) exhibit reduced crosslinking and better dissolution performance compared to the gold standard in soft caps gelatin production.  


Dsolve xTRA (bovine bone) boasts a performance that is superior even to  Dsolve, Dsolve P and Dsolve B. 


Designed for APIs (Rx and OTC) and nutritional supplements. 

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gelwoRx™ Dsolve: proven benefits


45% lower crosslinking tendency thanks to Dsolve portfolio

           Reduced crosslinking of the soft capsule shell


          Better stability of the oral dosage formulation


                   Faster dissolution of the capsules


                   Rapid & reliable filling release


             Improved stability & increased shelf life
                     of final dosage formulation


gelwoRx™ Dsolve: test results show improved performance


Tests confirmed that gelwoRx™ Dsolve significantly outperforms the standard soft caps gelatin in terms of dissolution in the presence of crosslinkers.

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