Lipids, proteins, and minerals

We offer a broad selection of functional ingredients, suitable for a variety of applications. Our portfolio includes solutions for pet food production, animal feed manufacturing, cattle feed manufacturers, and mineral fertilizers. In addition, our ingredients can be used for technical applications such as fireproofing, sound insulation, oleochemistry, and biofuel. 

PSR: functional proteins for pet food

Cat dog pet food
A multi-use protein-rich supplement for pets

For wet pet food production, PSR is a good partial alternative to blood plasma, providing texture and good water retention even after a sterilization step.

For pet treats, it provides binding properties which in turn reduce the brittleness of the final product. Functionalities such as water binding, oil binding and emulsification are also well appreciated during cold pressed processing.

PSR is a food-grade approved, 100% pork and pure natural product that is ideal to meet the demands of our customers in terms of quality and label claims. 

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Dical-17 (dicalcium phosphate - DCP): an essential nutrient for animal feed

Piglet food
Highest level of digestability

Dical 17 is a pure and high quality dicalcium phosphate (DCP) from animal (bovine bone) origin. Adding PB Dical 17 to your pig, poultry, and aqua feed will not only support their nutrient needs, but also ensure an excellent level of digestible phosphorus compared to other sources. Results have proved that DCP of bone origin provides the highest level of P digestibility compared to other mineral sources.  

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chicks food
Product specifications
  • Dicalcium phosphate (bone origin)
  • Highest level of digestibility
  • Can be used in complete feed or as a mineral supplement
  • Cost-efficient
  • Free-flow storage
  • A natural and safe product, also deliverable with Halal certification
  • To be used in non-ruminants feed, pet food and aquafeed
  • Available in bulk, big bags and 25 kg bags


Dical 17: fertilizer dicalcium phosphate

Returning animal phosphorus to the soil

A pioneer in high quality organic phosphate, PB Leiner produces animal phosphate using a proven process that yields a very pure dehydrate and microcrystalline dicalcium phosphate. It contains 17% phosphorus (σ=0.2) and 22.5% calcium. It is a snow-white, free flowing fine powder. As a mineral fertilizer, PB Dical 17 transfers essential nutrients such as phosphorus and calcium into energy in order to increase the yield of crops. Furthermore, it compensates the soil for minerals that are continuously being washed away. 


Fat for feed and pet food

Cattle food
An essential nutrient

Functional lipids, composed by so-called fatty acids, are derived from the production of gelatin approved for human consumption. They are 100 % natural, safe and healthy, and make for an essential ingredient of animal feed, pet food, and aquafeed. 

The lipids or fats are an important energy supplier, as the fatty acids contribute to the development and the production of hormones. Moreover, essential vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, and K can only be absorbed, stored and transported with support of lipids. The fats also improve the taste and the texture of the pet food and feed. 

Processed with the outmost care, PB Leiner's 100% pure pigskin fat guarantees premium quality and product stability. 


Lipids for oleochemistry


The oleochemical industry transforms fats and oils into fatty acids and further derivatives, which find their usage in a wide domain of applications ranging from cosmetics to tires. The precision and diversity of applications demands to have stable fat that gives enough flexibility to the oleochemical end-user to serve multiple markets. Due to its pig skin gelatin process, PB Leiner is able to guarantee a fat with a stable fatty acid composition (pig skin only) combined with light color & odor. This allows the fat to be applicable in a broad range of applications, living up to the strictest market requirements. 


Fats for biodiesel

Bio diesel

With the ever evolving need to reduce the carbon footprint in transport, biofuels are a sustainable solution to counter global warming. PB Leiner produces a high quality pigskin fat that is an ideal feedstock to generate the latest generation biofuels. The gelatin process that precedes the fat production allows to generate a pig skin fat that is highly stable in its product characteristics. This guarantees biofuel producers a reliable & qualitative feedstock.


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