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  • Crosslinkable
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Claro bioprintable gels

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Latest news

  • Fibroblast live cells

    What are fibroblasts and what are the advantages of bioprinting fibroblasts?

    Have you ever imagined a world where doctors and scientists could use a special printer to create new skin-like tissues? Well, that future is here! Picture this: cells called human dermal fibroblasts and our Claro™® GelMA coming together in a 3D printer to build structures that mimic skin.
  • scaffold bioprinting

    Tissue engineering: the ultimate solution to regenerate human tissue

    Restoring What's Lost: Tissue Engineering for a Brighter Future Human tissue loss can occur at any point in our lives due to various reasons such as vascular diseases, sudden trauma, or cancer. Vascular diseases encompass conditions like diabetes, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), and blood clots, which can impede blood flow to limbs and result in...
  • Claro is a brand of Tessenderlo Group that helps researchers in the field of tissue engineering

    Claro joins forces with Regemat 3D

    Claro has now joined forces with Regemat 3D (a biotech company pioneer in the design and development of customized 3D bioprinters and bioreactors for research in the regenerative medicine field), which will now distribute Claro’s BG800 that was developed for extrusion-based bioprinters.

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