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Collagen is a pure protein, and an essential building block of our body. Gelatin’s functional properties for food preparations have been known and used for centuries, and today collagen peptides’ health-promoting benefits are catching on to a broad consumer market. PB Leiner products offer a range of gelatin and collagen peptides formulations from bovine, porcine, and fish origin: SOLUGEL® collagen peptides, TEXTURA™ food gelatin, and gelwoRx™ pharmaceutical gelatin. All of our ingredients are clean label, are 100% natural, GMO-free and gluten-free, making them perfect for consumer and market acceptance. 

Even the most demanding consumers will be reassured by our excellent traceability and 100% natural production process, which includes halal gelatin production and kosher gelatin production. Meanwhile, our halal, kosher and bovine-free products give you truly global opportunities, with options for consumers with specific dietary needs. 



Next generation texturizers for the food sector

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Solugel collagen


High quality collagen peptides

The Natural Solution For Your Health
Pharmaceutical gelatin


Functional bio-compatibility

Gelatin in pharma & bioscience: a natural choice
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Revolutionary bio-ink for tissue engineering purposes

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Lipids, Proteins, and Minerals

For use in a wide range of applications

Lipids, Proteins, and Minerals