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Today’s pharmaceutical industry is more than ever before faced with fast and constant change. All with a good reason, namely finding solutions to the actual consumer needs. Patient engagement is without doubt an important consumer need that demands attention. Often bad taste and odor, as well as poor visual recognition of the correct medication are hurdles that consumers must overcome as they attempt to stick to their medication prescription. There are plenty of options to promote higher patient engagement: optimized and new delivery formats to better fit patients’ lifestyles or overcome difficulties in swallowing, better masking of the bad taste of the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), better visual recognition of the correct medication, etc. Modified release is another major pharma trend that is here to stay. Releasing the API at a specific target location in the body, with a delay after its administration or for a prolonged period of time enables great advances in increased therapeutic efficacy.

How can we help you capture this trend?

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Gelatin offers a broad spectrum of qualities that make it a highly effective excipient for pharmaceutical applications. Despite attempts to find suitable alternatives, its unique technological and bio-pharmaceutical properties ensure it retains huge importance to the pharmaceutical industry and beyond. Used for capsules, tablets, and many other forms, its benefits include the ability to protect active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), the absence of taste or odor, excellent bioavailability and the potential for modified release.  

All of PB Leiner’s pharmaceutical gelatin solutions find their place under the gelwoRx™ brand. Besides being tailored solutions to your specific needs, the gelwoRx product range also features innovative solutions for the manufacturing of soft capsules with the aim of solving some of the important challenges the industry is facing. 

In addition to its many uses as an excipient, gelatin is also used for medical applications, including wound care and bone plugs. No other natural or synthetic polymer has yet been identified that can match its versatility for pharmaceutical and even (bio)medical applications.


Gelatin as an advanced solution in bioscience

PB Leiner joined forces with the Tessenderlo Innovation Center, to catalyze on the need of medical and pharmaceutical research institutes by providing advanced gelatin-based materials that facilitate tissue engineering activities.

In 2018, the two divisions of Tessenderlo Group pivoted Claro™ as part of an innovation initiative. PB Leiner’s expertise in gelatins ignited the breakthrough in materials for bioprinting application and resulted in a gelatin with outstanding printability.

Our Claro team is agile and fast evolving in response to the need for new solutions. Fostering the disruption of emerging technologies in regenerative medicine, Claro uses material science to create new and functional gelatins that empower the research flow.

If you want to know more, visit our Claro™ product page. 

Our Claro™ product page

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