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Technical support

Technical support

Our team will actively advise you on how to optimally integrate our ingredients into your production processes. If you have any questions or problems, email us right away: we will be quick to reply to you.

Application support

Application support

Our team knows all about the behavior of our ingredients in different circumstances; we will assist you in refining your formulations so as to create the optimum effect.



The application potential of collagen and gelatin is endless, and reaches far beyond texturizing, adhesive, clarifying or absorbing properties. If you are looking for a solution and are not sure where to start, call on our R&D experts.

Regulatory support

Regulatory support

With food and pharmaceutical standards becoming ever more complex and consumers having a clear voice of their own, sound regulatory support is no luxury. Our regulatory services are amongst the best and fastest on the market: we know which documentation is needed at each step of the process and can proactively provide it. Furthermore, our active scanning of the regulatory developments throughout the world enables us to update you on an “as-it-happens" basis.

Our Global Support Team has your back

Whether you are looking for technical manufacturing support, your recipe formulation needs tweaking, or you have a regulatory question, our Global Support Team is just a phone call away.

Global Support Team

Want to know more but don't know where to start? Our team is always close by, ready to help out.

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