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Health is now "trendier" than ever

Feeling responsible for one’s own health through an active lifestyle and healthy nutrition has led to rapid and massive growth in markets such as health apps and wearable devices, sports equipment, and gym subscriptions. And, of course, this extends to food supplements, enhanced foods and drinks, and nutraceuticals. People are living longer than ever before, they have higher expectations regarding their quality of life, and they are willing to invest both time and money. 

For ambitious brands and producers, these changes bring with them enormous new opportunities, as well as a number of new challenges. 

How can we help you capture this trend?

sports nutrition - SOLUGEL.

Collagen peptides are a great source of proteins that deliver the many qualities these new target groups are seeking in terms of enhancing sports performance, such as supporting bone and joint health, muscle recovery, and increasing skin elasticity and firmness. Moreover, they can support weight management thanks to their long-lasting satiety effects. Collagen is widely accepted and sought-after by consumers as a positive contributor to health.

Although already globally popular, collagen is only in its early stage of growth, with vast untapped potential to expand into new markets, applications, and products.

PB Leiner’s SOLUGEL® range features a broad portfolio of collagen products with clinically proven health benefits. SOLUGEL® can easily be used in a wide range of nutritional and trendy applications, such as protein powders, sports drinks, and cereal bars.  

Let us inspire you and launch new products together

We’re excited to team up with you and see the world through your customers’ eyes. We go far beyond merely offering an ingredient – we create market-driven concepts to inspire you and help you to launch successful products.

Being a global collagen manufacturer, we can easily translate these concepts to your regional preferences. We are knowledgeable but also approachable - we’re happy to introduce you to our network and support you throughout your product development and production journey.

We’re here for you – whether you are a start-up with just an idea in your pocket or a multinational exploring new markets. Let’s co-innovate and grow our businesses together!

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We are here for you, knowledgeable and approachable.

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