PB LIVE webinar - Collagen supports joint health: Asian interest increases

    WEBINAR Wednesday June 15, 2022, 2 PM SGT (8 AM CET). Joint health is a key concern for middle-aged consumers. Collagen peptides are gaining recognition as a joint health ingredient.


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    PB LIVE @Vitafoods - Is collagen here to stay?

    Collagen’s star is rising fast, but is it just a passing trend? A dive into the future of the collagen market with PB Leiner and Frost & Sullivan. According to an analysis conducted by the research firm Frost & Sullivan in collaboration with PB Leiner, one of the world’s leading collagen and gelatin producers, the market for collagen peptides is...


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  • active middle-aged woman

    Unique evidence: Joint pain reduced among active middle-aged adults taking SOLUGEL® collagen peptides

    Vilvoorde, September 21, 2021 - A study examining joint pain in physically active middle-aged people has found that consuming SOLUGEL® collagen peptides can bring about significant reductions in pain and discomfort. This unique research was carried out by Florida State University (FSU) and commissioned by PB Leiner.
  • SOLUGEL download whitepaper collagen here to stay

    Untapped potential: New report identifies collagen’s huge scope for further growth

    Vilvoorde, April 22, 2021 - Collagen’s star is rising fast – but is it just a passing trend? Not according to industry experts, who say that this protein is set to become a major force in the health ingredients category.
  • Protein bar guy

    PB Leiner’s newest product launch capitalizes on the latest health & nutrition trends

    Vilvoorde, September 8, 2020 – PB Leiner proudly presents SOLUGEL® Dynamica, its exciting new collagen solution for functional bars and beverages, two applications that are typically challenging to produce. The new product will allow customers to easily formulate delicious trendy products that boast all the health benefits of collagen.
  • Soft capsule

    PB Leiner jumpstarts new pharma brand gelwoRx™ with two soft capsule specialty products

    ​Vilvoorde, September 8, 2020 – PB Leiner introduces gelwoRx™, a new product family which it has created to effectively address the needs of the health care sector. The launch is being jumpstarted by the release of two soft capsule specialty products: gelwoRx™ Dsolve enhances the bioavailability of the capsule API by counteracting the natural...
  • 2020 PB Leiner Santa Fe opening

    PB Leiner opens new SOLUGEL™ production facility in Santa Fe

    Vilvoorde, February 12, 2020 - PB Leiner (part of Tessenderlo Group) has inaugurated a new collagen peptides line today at its site in Santa Fe (Argentina). The added production facility will allow for a considerable extra production volume of SOLUGEL™ collagen peptides. “Global demand for collagen peptides is on the rise, on account of its...