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  • Fibroblast live cells

    What are fibroblasts and what are the advantages of bioprinting fibroblasts?

    Have you ever imagined a world where doctors and scientists could use a special printer to create new skin-like tissues? Well, that future is here! Picture this: cells called human dermal fibroblasts and our Claro™® GelMA coming together in a 3D printer to build structures that mimic skin.
  • scaffold bioprinting

    Tissue engineering: the ultimate solution to regenerate human tissue

    Restoring What's Lost: Tissue Engineering for a Brighter Future Human tissue loss can occur at any point in our lives due to various reasons such as vascular diseases, sudden trauma, or cancer. Vascular diseases encompass conditions like diabetes, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), and blood clots, which can impede blood flow to limbs and result in...
  • active middle-aged woman

    SOLUGEL® reduces joint pain in active middle-aged adults

    Did you know that globally 93% of middle-aged adults are concerned about joint health, and 2 out of 3 indicate experiencing moderate to severe joint pain? At the same time, people in this age group are also more physically active than ever, and see exercise as a vital means of maintaining their overall health and fitness. Studies have shown that...
  • healthy for you gummies


    Healthy-for-you gummies. They are made with TEXTURA Tempo Ready, which allows you to preserve all the goodness of vitamin C in your gummies.
  • baner blog capusles

    What is gelatin and why is it a “must” in pharma?

    Gelatin offers a broad spectrum of qualities that make it a highly effective excipient for pharmaceutical applications. Despite attempts to find suitable alternatives, its unique technological and biopharmaceutical properties ensure it retains huge importance to the pharmaceutical industry and beyond.
  • hero whitepaper

    Whitepaper - is collagen here to stay?

    Collagen consumer popularity is at an all-time high – but for how long? How well is collagen accepted in your region compared to other well-known health ingredients? What are the key factors for the success of health ingredients and how is collagen ranked? Collagen is getting mainstream – how can you make sure to stand out from the crowd?
  • Kosher gelatin and collagen - OK Kosher


    Did you know that our clean label, 100% natural, and non-GMO gelatin is now also available certified kosher? We guarantee the highest standards in quality and purity.
  • Claro is a brand of Tessenderlo Group that helps researchers in the field of tissue engineering

    Claro joins forces with Regemat 3D

    Claro has now joined forces with Regemat 3D (a biotech company pioneer in the design and development of customized 3D bioprinters and bioreactors for research in the regenerative medicine field), which will now distribute Claro’s BG800 that was developed for extrusion-based bioprinters.
  • capsules gelworx header

    Benefits of gelatin in pharmaceutical applications

    Gelatin is among the most widely used ingredients in pharmaceutical and medical applications, and with good reason: gelatin is almost universally tolerated, it displays very useful elasticity and clarity features, it melts at body temperature, and it is thermo-reversible. Gelatin is a highly versatile ingredient with many benefits for...
  • header - healthy indulgence TEXTURA

    Healthy or indulgent – why not both?

    The trend toward healthier eating continues to gain momentum due to the pandemic – yet interest in indulgent food and drinks has increased, too. Consumers are using treats to help fill the emotional void and compensate for the lack of socialization, while activities such as home baking have enjoyed a huge resurgence.
  • blog header 5 things

    5 things you need to know about the bone and joint sector

    Traditionally, collagen peptides for bone and joint health targeted the elderly population and a lot of studies were performed on this demographic which has risks of developing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. However, in recent years we have seen a huge growth in the sports nutrition market featuring collagen products for bone and joint health.
  • Claro - Blog 2.png

    GelMA by Claro: great potential to build 3D models that mimic real tumors

    The need for innovative 3D cancer models to enhance drug-testing process The National Cancer Institute defines cancer as “a term for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and can invade nearby tissues. Cancer cells can also spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems.” [1]. Metastases are the primary...
  • analyst gelworx banner.

    The brief history of gelatin in soft caps: Why is it still the leading choice for manufacturers?

    Since the early part of the 19th century, gelatin has been the leading choice for manufacturers creating soft capsules thanks to its unique molecular structure. Gelatin-based soft capsules make liquid medicines easier to ingest as well as masking their taste – and advances in science continue to inspire exciting new developments. Founded in 1900...
  • Claro blog 1

    Claro acknowledges that bioprinting will help periodontal therapy advance

    Periodontal (gum) disease: an annual cost estimated at 79 billion euros in Europe Periodontal (gum) disease is extremely common. Severe periodontal diseases are found in 5–20% of middle-aged (35–44 years) adults in Europe, and up to 40% of older people (65–74 years). Diseases of the mouth are an expensive burden to health care services.
  • Textura-21-wide


    Festive Chardonnay Gems, made with TEXTURA Tempo Ready. Because you don't have to heat TEXTURA, your good Chardonnay is preserved in the gems.
  • athlete_1100

    Top trends in sports nutrition

    With more and more consumers responding to healthy living and fitness trends globally, sports nutrition has become the fastest growing category within consumer health, with an estimated growth of ~8.5% between 2019 and 2024. (1) What are some of the main trends in sports nutrition (2) and what do they mean for your collagen consumer market?
  • Blog 3 - 1.jpg

    The ideal gelation temperature

    Gelation temperature (Tgel) and printing settings (e.g. printing speed and nozzle gauge) are influenced by two controllable variables: gelatin methacryloyl (GelMA) concentration and the degree of functionalization (DoF). Higher hydrogel concentrations combined with low DoF will result in higher Tgel. Thermo-sensitive materials, such as GelMA...
  • Collagen sport

    Why collagen is a must-have ingredient?

    ​Collagen’s health benefits have been known for centuries, but only in 1970s, collagen started gaining mainstream appeal, reaching different consumer groups.1 30 years after, collagen pe​​ptides are experiencing growth globally – what are some of the key drivers supporting its growth and why collagen can be a ​value-added ingredient for your...
  • thumbnail video1

    TEXTURA™ behind the scenes

    We made a m​ovie! And no, it is not your traditional informative video. For our ne​​west product launch​ we decid​ed to up the ante, so we organized a Masterchef challenge – with gelatin! Our TEXTURA™ rose to the occasion of course, beating generic gelatin on both speed and ease-of-use. And, as the actors in the movie are our own colleagues Vagner...
  • Claro - Blog 4.png

    Eliminate 3D bio-printing blockages

    The technology Gelatin methacryloyl (GelMA) hydrogels demonstrate a well-recognized cytocompatible behavior [1] and therefore, are ideal when developing bio-inks for engineering connective, epithelial, muscle, and nervous tissues. However, high printing pressures and ultimately nozzle blockages are recurrent issues when bioprinting with GelMA.
  • Claro - blog 5.png

    Elastic but not too much...

    Bioinks for extrusion-based printing need flow during the extrusion phase and should have shape-retention after the deposition of the filament. This behavior can be evaluated by two rheological parameters: the storage (or elastic) modulus G′ and the loss (or viscous) modulus G″ (Schwab et al., 2020). The storage modulus, G′, relates to the amount...