Claro is a brand of Tessenderlo Group that helps researchers in the field of tissue engineering

Claro joins forces with Regemat 3D

ClaroTM and Regemat 3D are at the forefront of personalized biofabrication solutions, now working together to provide researchers with high-quality hydrogels tailored for extrusion-based bioprinting technologies.

Claro has now joined forces with Regemat 3D (a biotech company pioneer in the design and development of customized 3D bioprinters and bioreactors for research in the regenerative medicine field), which will now distribute Claro’s BG800 that was developed for extrusion-based bioprinters. Thus, Claro and Regemat 3D will directly attend to the growing demand for printable gels. The partnership between Claro and Regemat 3D will ensure a smooth bioprinting optimization for a variety of tissue types (e.g., cartilage, skin, bone, heart tissue, etc.) without interruptions due to the nozzle blockages that are usually observed when printing with regular gelatin-based bioinks in extrusion-based systems.

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