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TEXTURA™ behind the scenes

We made a m​ovie!

And no, it is not your traditional informative video. For our ne​​west product launch​ we decid​ed to up the ante, so we organized a Masterchef challenge – with gelatin!

Our TEXTURA™ rose to the occasion of course, beating generic gelatin on both speed and ease-of-use. And, as the actors in the movie are our own colleagues Vagner ​and Annika, the team had a blast filming. Annika and assistant cook Lena played a game of UNO while poor Vagner was still pouring over his preparations.

Both Annika and Vagner were bent on winning, of course, but Vagner accepted his defeat with good grace. He knows that, when push comes to shove, he’s on the best team anyway: OURS ;-)