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    What is gelatin and why is it a “must” in pharma?

    Gelatin offers a broad spectrum of qualities that make it a highly effective excipient for pharmaceutical applications. Despite attempts to find suitable alternatives, its unique technological and biopharmaceutical properties ensure it retains huge importance to the pharmaceutical industry and beyond.
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    Benefits of gelatin in pharmaceutical applications

    Gelatin is among the most widely used ingredients in pharmaceutical and medical applications, and with good reason: gelatin is almost universally tolerated, it displays very useful elasticity and clarity features, it melts at body temperature, and it is thermo-reversible. Gelatin is a highly versatile ingredient with many benefits for...
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    The brief history of gelatin in soft caps: Why is it still the leading choice for manufacturers?

    Since the early part of the 19th century, gelatin has been the leading choice for manufacturers creating soft capsules thanks to its unique molecular structure. Gelatin-based soft capsules make liquid medicines easier to ingest as well as masking their taste – and advances in science continue to inspire exciting new developments. Founded in 1900...