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Introducing TEXTURA gelatin, PB Leiner's range of texturizing solutions for the food, confectionery, and bakery industries. With a focus on quality and versatility, TEXTURA gelatin is a tailor-made, all-natural, and gluten-free ingredient that serves, amongst others, as an excellent food texturizer, stabilizer, and thickening agent. 

Whether you are in need of regular food gelatins in bulk, or of highly functional specialty food gelatine, we have got you covered: TEXTURA Tempo and TEXTURA Tempo Ready come with unseen ease-of-use, and save producers and home consumers alike a lot of time. Moreover, PB Leiner is an experienced halal gelatin manufacturer, as well as a kosher gelatin producer, allowing options for consumers with specific dietary needs.  

TEXTURA™ Tempo, our quick-setting gelatin for powder blends & premixes.  


TEXTURA Tempo is the ideal solution for creating premixes for baked goods, pastries, desserts & more.  

  • No heating step needed (functional from 15°C onwards)  
  • It preserves the nutrients (vitamins, minerals,…) and aroma of heat sensitive ingredients (functional from 15°C onwards)  
  • Its fat mimicking nature helps to reduce fat in recipes 
  • Suitable for sugar free products and recipes (gelling effect is not depending on sugar concentration, read more here
  • Exceptional mouthfeel and excellent flavor release 
  • Endless indulgent texturizing possibilities (creamy, fluffy, chewy, airy, silky, and much more) 

In short, TEXTURA Tempo’s versatility makes it a great asset for functional desserts. TEXTURA Tempo is available in bovine and porcine variety. 

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Endless application possibilities with TEXTURA Tempo

TEXTURA tempo application possibilities


Generic gelatin vs TEXTURA Tempo Ready: a master chef challenge

What happens when you give two chefs the exact same assignments, the same tools, and the same ingredients, except one? We tried it! Vagner used standard leaf gelatin, while Annika used TEXTURA Tempo ready. 


​​FAQ TEXTURA™​ Tempo Ready

1. Once the package is open, how long can I keep using TEXTURA™​ Tempo Ready?

Group 13

The most important thing is that you store the product in a completely dry place: humidity will affect the functionality of the product. So close the packaging well, immediately after use.

2. Does TEXTURA™​ Tempo Ready have an impact on the organoleptic properties?

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No, it is neutral to taste and odor. Moreover, because you don’t have to heat TEXTURA™​ Tempo Ready during the process, all the goodness of your ingredients will remain intact.

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