Food is an identity – it is what I eat, it is who I am

As the world changes, so too do our food habits. Increased speed and flexibility of living, finding and reassuring one’s identity in a changing world, a growing sense of responsibility for our own health and happiness, an increasing consciousness about sustainability... All of these societal megatrends are altering the food demands from consumers worldwide. Moreover, the quest for clean, and even more importantly, all-natural labels is a very powerful force in today’s food market. Now, more than ever before, for many consumers, food is an identity – it is what I eat, it is who I am. This presents both huge opportunities and massive challenges for brands and producers in the food business. 

How can we help you capture this trend?

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Gelatin, as a food texturizer, is a classic cupboard ingredient that has been used in kitchens worldwide for centuries. It serves as an excellent thickening agent, cream stabilizer, and is an overall versatile and convenient ingredient for creating new dishes. Gelatin is a natural ingredient that empowers brands, professionals, and consumers with maximum freedom, and cuts out the inconvenience and complexity of having to provide a wide range of alternative, more exotic complex ingredients. 

All of our food gelatin solutions come together under the TEXTURA® brand. We offer a range of texturizing solutions across the food, confectionery, and bakery industries. 

We take time to understand your needs

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Our people are here to listen. They take their time to understand your needs.  

Being a global gelatin producer, we have experienced teams of both technical and market experts across the globe, which can easily tailor our solutions to specific regional preferences.  

We are knowledgeable yet humble, always keen to learn from you and further grow our gelatin expertise. Our food gelatine products are timeless: our customers continue to innovate with our products, even if they have been using them for years.  


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