Festive Chardonnay Gems

5 minutes preparation time, 1 hour setting time - Difficulty: easy  - ± 15 portions (25ml)


  • 165ml of white wine
  • 80 ml of vodka
  • Half a can of Sprite (165ml) 
  • Golden sanding sugar
  • 6 TEXTURA™ Tempo Ready sachets (36g)



  1. Take a bowl and a hand whisk 
  2. Add Sprite (it is best to open the can a bit earlier, as letting the bubbles out will avoid foaming), white wine, and vodka to the bowl
  3. While stirring gently, add the contents of 6 TEXTURA™ Tempo Ready sachets (36g) and keep stirring until dissolved 
  4. Pour the liquid into a measuring cup for easier handling
  5. Pour the liquid into a champagne or cocktail glass, filling a maximum of one half of the glass
  6. Put in the fridge and leave for around 1 hour
  7.  Just before serving, take the glasses out and decorate with a layer of golden sanding sugar. Offer the glasses to your guests with a small spoon
  8. To give an extra special finish, you can also pour the liquid into a temporary rectangular receptacle. Once the liquid has set, you can cut it into dice or diamonds and serve those in a festive glass

Only sprinkle the sugar on just before serving. Otherwise it will melt and you will lose the pleasant crunchy texture. If you have created too much foam, you can sieve the liquid before filling.