TEXTURA Tempo Baker

TEXTURA™ Tempo: cold-soluble gelatin powder

TEXTURA™ Tempo: the advantages of cold-soluble gelatin

TEXTURA Tempo Baker

TEXTURA™ Tempo gelatin powder is an easy texturizing solution for your powder blends and premixes.

  • No presoaking required: save 50% on preparation time.
  • No heating step is needed, but it can be heated if necessary
  • Broad temperature range: functions from 15°C onwards, making it versatile for use in both hot and cold applications
  • Easy incorporation of heat-sensitive ingredients: such as vitamins and minerals
  • Instant dissolution for versatility in premixes & blends and flexibility in achieving different textures.
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PB Leiner BU Ice cream waffle

TEXTURA™ Tempo is a texturizing solution for powder blends and premixes.

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